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How to regain your attention by going offline for a week


Last week I’ve been conducting an interesting experiment.

I decided to turn off all my gadgets: phones, TV, computers, iPad, anything that has a screen. The goal was simple – to regain my attention and awareness, and increase the power of my concentration. Could I disconnect for 5 days straight? Would it be possible to maintain the willpower and motivation and stick to the commitment? On top of it, I decided to water fast for these five days as well. I’m not crazy, I just like to experiment and learn new things 😊

I started on Monday and today is Saturday. I held off for 5 days.

I feel great, determined, purposeful and calm. Not only is this tech detox possible, but I’d say it’s necessary and vital for most of us. It is essential to realize how much time is spent in front of the screens, to truly comprehend the addiction to the black shiny rectangles, to the patterns and shadow impulses we don’t even know are present, yet they hold immense power over our lives and every single thought, word and action.

I’d like to share my experience and thoughts on the process and hopefully you will find it useful when preparing for your own techless week, or it will nudge you to be more aware of time spent with technology and the energy it demands.

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