November 24, 2021

Mind creates separation: you – they, me – he, I – everyone else, mine – yours. And with this separation comes dukkha.

Once the boundaries and borders are removed, we feel deeply connected and united with everything and everyone. And because you are never alone, you can always ask for help.

Because you are part of the whole, the universe doesn't want you to suffer by design and will gladly help, if you listen.

Why are four immeasurables the way they are? Why not in a different order?

May we know happiness and its causes.

So we can gather enough good karma to relax and be mindful. The seed of our transformation lies here.

May we have no suffering and its causes.

So the work can continue. So that samsara is not that strong.

May we be never separated from the true source of happiness.

So that we don't go back to desires and generate more negative causes for more dukkha.

May we rest in equanimity.

And when we tame the mind, we can rest in the beauty of our own true nature.

May I always see my true interconnected nature.