December 21, 2021 Everything comes from compassion

True nature of our pure heart-mind shines constantly. It's like a bright light pole surrounded by out habitual loops.

With meditation we can soften the grip of the habitual responses and just be. How do I stay longer with this energy? Unobscured? How would I know I succeeded?

Everything comes from compassion. Even worrying thoughts, "bad" thoughts -- they are all here because of compassion, our inner goodness.

You are good. You are complete. You are enough. You are pure.

So what is important then? How to act from the pure heart-mind view?

The raft and the instructions and guidance are only here, because we forget about the light. They feel restrictive and contracting, exactly because we are not following our true nature. Once the bounds are removed, the guidance is no longer needed, you live in accordance with your consciousness, you recognize your own connectedness to everything/everywhere.