December 23, 2021 Awarness is unchanging. Compassion is light

Awarness is everywhere, all the time.

Feeling your arm -- it is there, listening to the sound of rain -- it is there too, observing the thoughts -- it's still here.

It is not us directing it -- it is the reflection of our consciousness in the universal, cosmic consciousness.

We can observer emptiness with our awarness, how are they related? How are they different?

Observe more!

Indeed everything stems from compassion!

Because there is nothing else in the pure heart-mind. The light remains light no matter what. Yes, we can see a rainbow under certain conditions, we can make solar panels and make absolutely anything out of it! Even shadow comes from light -- yet the light remains unchanged.

Everything is beautiful.

Some of the "dirt" of our habitual thinking has been here for so long it made us blind to the beauty of every creation.

Can I stay with my mindfulness a whole day? What would it look like?