December 24, 2021 Emptiness. Disappearance of ego

Where do I start? Or end?

Observing emptiness -- how can I even describe this perfect stillness -- yet it flows and moves. The mind picks up the strands of it and gets busy creating stuff. Out of nothing.

I/we/universe are one and inseparable.

You disappear completely, as if the mind of the universe if lowing right through you. You finally join in and become the rain, the river, the crow. It's not scary, because there is no fear. There is no one to be afraid.

Vast and open, in harmony.

Seeing how the mind created tiny obstacles on the way to anything. So silly πŸ˜„

There is more to emptiness -- it's not nothing! It is ready to become absolutely everything at any moment.

Why does it feel good and right to create bodhicitta or metta? And not anger or depression?

One is limitless, another one limited.