December 26, 2021 How mind creates things. Desires and emptiness

All roads lead to emptiness.

All we do in meditation is observe the mind, its nature, how it creates. How everything transforms into something -- here is a touch of a memory creating a bit of anxiety, and here is a sensation transforming into fear.

It's so so very subtle, but you can clearly see it.

Samsara is just a level of difficulty. Whenever we feel pain in the body, we ask: "What's wrong with me?".

While we can also say: "Oh, it means I'm alive!". What a great cause for joy and celebration!

But the habit of desire is strong! It starts saying: "No! I don't want to have this pain". Now there is friction, grasping, pushing, forcing.

Desires are not the problem. They way the mind reacts to it is!

Desires show us how samsara works, why nothing is ever enough. Every concept is fake!

Creativity -- fake! Safety -- fake! Security -- fake! Freedom -- fake! Anything is everything at mind's whim.

How do I maintain clear seeing? How to let go of hope and fear? How do I start living fully? Wtf does it even mean? 😄