December 31, 2021 Equanimity and Joy

How subtle are the bindings of the mind. How pervasive they are. They have entangled our light like weeds. How automatic most of the responses are! How fast does samsara move and grasp inattentive mind.

Without full transformation liberation is not possible.

How calming equanimity is. It gives the mind space and time (oh, that's why it is called space-time!) to relax. Relaxed mind is not grasping. it is soft, gentle, accepting, curious. With this state of mind comes and opportunity to really see! To observer how we create things out of emptiness, how we distort reality and attach false meanings.

Joy comes with equanimity. The innate type of joy, not because something has happened, no, this joy just springs out! This special joy is unstoppable: you can hear loud noises of a truck, or your back might ache -- the joy is still shining, fueled by everything and anything.

I remember my dad always saying: "Смех без причины -- признак дурачины".

How far from truth that is! Children know it too 😄

Mind just reflects reality. It is only now clear what they all meant when talked about still surface of the pond! Of course! Calm mind will reflect back the emptiness, nothing else!

How beautiful irregular rhythm of nature is! But why do we call nature rhythm irregular and not the rhythms of our making? What resonates with the same constant frequency in nature? Why do we enjoy rhythmic music so much? Is it another way to look for "stability"?

Or better put it this way: why are repetitive acoustic patterns so attractive to us? Is this yet another way to control the "chaos"? How did we learn about control?

Samsara calls. Rejoicing with my sit, joyful that I have duties to fulfill.