Creating my own path

Creating my own path,
Creating my own way,
I struggle with taking a step,
I struggle with guilt and shame.

There is nowhere to run,
There is nowhere to hide,
I'm looking into my heart,
I'm scared, I'm terrified.

I'm breathing the sounds in,
I'm shining like mighty sun,
I touch what I meant to be,
I'm joyful. I am one.

I'm one with expanding breath,
I'm one with my friends and foes,
I'm one with your gentle touch,
I'm one with my own toes.

I'm diving into myself:
I'm limitless, I'm divine.
I'm thankful to you. I rest
Sustained by will to shine.

To shine for them and you,
To see the smile of your eyes,
To gift forgiveness to all,
To soften all hearts and minds.

Accepting my own path,
Embracing eternal joy,
May all people learn to love,
May all celebrate.