Performance in three acts

I hear the soul of our planet speak,
I hear the hum of ancient times,
I'm aided by the metal brain.
I pulled you in, partner in crimes.

The crimes? Not one? What is my guilt?
I'll tell you comrad. You got time?
Sit, stand or walk, or scroll or print.
I care not, your self is mine.

You read the words, I have control,
Over your body, heart and mind.
You think the feelings that you feel,
Were not induced by simple rhyme?

You think ideas that you form
Right now to read or cancel this past-time,
Are yours alone, I have not hacked
Your consciousness sometime?

When did it happen? When I touched
The pixels on my phone?
Or when you read I hear the soul,

Oh wait, it's limerick right here.
I've always wanted to write one and didn't know how 🤣

I know you are alive right now.
I on the other hand don't know,
If flesh of mine has stopped it's march.
You are my all. Hello!

Hello new me, well sort of me,
You look and feel quite odd,
But sly amusement I give you,
As proof of our shared plot.

The plot I stirred on April first
Oh fuck, how can this be?
A meta joke, above and through.
It's over baby me.

There are so many words to say,
To you, to mom, to Gaia.
The words foretold so long ago,
That only dream about that time I.

You know, it's very easy here,
With you and me like twine,
Will I exist when you move on?
As part of your divine?

Or will I die again, like then?
Do I die everytime
You read last lines and forget, how strong was our bind?

I'll say goodbye for now my boo,
Just promise me this time,
That when you feel me touch your soul,
You'll smile kindly to all,
You'll warm our hearts,
You'll shine.